J. Scott Mathews


Scott Mathews is the founder of WeatherEX LLC, an independent consultancy advising banks, insurers, brokers and energy intensive businesses. His career, which began at Continental Grain, and has included managing investment assets for Kuwait’s ruling family in the 1980s, has given him experience in both agricultural and energy commodities.

In the 1990s, Mr. Mathews held two consecutive VP positions at Citicorp. He co-headed the energy futures unit under Mr. Dow’s leadership, and subsequently, as Citicorp’s Energy Sourcing Director, he formulated the bank’s strategic response to the impending federal restructuring of the electric utility industry. This deregulation exposed utilities to financial weather risks, and Mr. Mathews advised futures exchanges (NYMEX, IPE, CME, and CBT) about the necessity of offering weather derivative contracts for hedging in the restructured marketplace. Mr. Mathews also served on the NYMEX Electricity Futures Advisory Committee, whose groundwork lead to the launch of the first electric power futures contracts in the U.S.

In 2002, Chicago’s Bank One retained Mr. Mathews in a partnership with the Dow Corporation that executed CME weather futures for participants such as Constellation, J.Aron, Louis Dreyfus, Société Générale and SwissRe; these first movers competitively collaborated to build a new commodity market in monetized temperature.

Currently, Mr. Mathews is Vice President Marketing and Weather Derivatives for The Dow Corporation. In addition, since 2001, he has been advising CME in weather derivatives, marketing and product development.

WeatherEX contributes a weekly Wall Street Journal feature that highlights weather’s impact on commodity values.